Leveraging the Leader Evaluation Process 
to Drive Alignment and Accountability

Leveraging the Leader Evaluation Process to Drive Alignment and Accountability

Course Overview
Presenter: Penelope Elebash
Solutions Leader
Studer Group
In Studer Group’s Evidence-Based LeadershipSM framework, accountability is the foundation. In Studer Group’s experience coaching 600+ organizations through this framework and utilizing our Leader Evaluation Manager® software , we have found that until leaders feel urgency to align their behaviors to outcomes, the behaviors simply don’t stick. This urgency comes from an objective, weighted evaluation that provides a balanced approach to accountability. Just as this evaluation allows for leadership accountability for performance against the determined measurement of an indicator, it also provides the mechanism to recognize high performers when they exceed their goals. While objective goals certainly must relate to the business imperatives or the operational roles and responsibilities, ultimately this tool represents an individual leader’s performance evaluation and must also consider the individual leader’s skill set and need for growth and development.

This course has 2 parts.  Time to view Part 1 is 30 minutes and Part 2 is 30 minutes.

Course Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course you will:

  • Describe purpose of an objective leadership evaluation system.
  • Articulate the anatomy of actionable goals and the steps of cascading goals throughout organizational leadership.
  • Describe how to weight and audit goals to ensure alignment, action, and accountability. 

Time to complete this course is approximately 95 minutes.

Presenter: Penelope Elebash (more)

Developing Organization: Studer Group (more)

Course Fee: $119.00