Trends in Healthcare

What will the New Business of Healthcare look like and how will it shape your organization and your own career path? Improvements in healthcare won’t be made by legislation. They will be made by people like you with the right knowledge, the right skills, and a shared vision. In this course, you will learn the trends that are shaping healthcare and the impacts of the Affordable Care Act throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

Course Overview
Presenter: James Smith, MBA, FACHE
The Camden Group
Presenter: Virginia Tyler, FACHE
The Camden Group
This course provides an overview of the key dynamics in the economics, quality and organization of healthcare that are driving industry behavior.  It will provide you with a broad context for the factors that are influencing payers, providers and consumers today. 
Time to view this course is 22 minutes.  

Learning Objectives:
The objectives of the course are to help you:

  • Understand key trends in healthcare today
  • Identify the drivers of clinical, financial and operational trends
  • See the effect that these trends are having on payers and providers
  • Understand how healthcare stakeholders are responding

Time to complete this course is approximately 77 minutes.

Presenter: James Smith, MBA, FACHE (more)

Presenter: Virginia Tyler, FACHE (more)

Developing Organization: The Camden Group (more)